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ContainersStorage Container

We have the ability to deliver a ground level storage containers directly to your work-site, shop, garage, farm, or even home. Our storage containers are available in two sizes (20 foot long and 40 foot long). They are built using 14 gauge steel, they are extremely strong and weather tight. Here are the dimensions:


  20 ft container   40 ft container   40 ft H.C. container   45 ft H.C. container
Length 20 ft   40 ft   40 ft   45 ft
Width 8 ft   8 ft   8 ft   8 ft
Height 8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in   9ft 6in   9ft 6in
Weight (empty) 5,015 lbs   8,377 lbs   8,877 lbs   9,981 lbs
Flooring 1 1/8 th Marine Grade Plywood
  *approx measurements of "Standard" containers.





Storage Trailers

Storage trailers are extremely popular with our local businesses. In a matter of minutes we can pull into your dock space with one of our 48 foot storage trailers and you gain approximately 350 square feet of space. Prime also has 53 foot storage trailers that boast an approximate 430 square feet. The storage trailers are also weather tight, and the perfect storage solution for those of you wanting dock level storage. Call today and add some floor space to your business!


  40 ft trailer   45 ft trailer   48 ft trailer   53 ft trailer  
Length 40 ft   45 ft   48 ft   53 ft  
Width 8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in  
Height 8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in   8 ft 6 in  
Entry Height 4 ft   4 ft   4 ft   4 ft  
Flooring 1.38" thick hardwood flooring, supported by cross member I-beams
  *approx measurements of "Standard" trailers.


Container Price List (call for Prime Whse for Rental Prices)

  20 ft container   40 ft container   40 ft H.C. container
Wind & Watertight $2900*   $4100*   $4000*
Cargo Worthy $3700   $4500   $5500
New $6500   $7300   $7500
  * based on containers condition.


Custom Container Modifications

  20 ft container 40 ft container 40 ft H.C. container
Painting (exterior) $300 $400 $450
6' Roll-up Door $1000 $1000 $1000
Personnel Door $450 $450 $450
Window (40"x40") $300 $300 $300
Lock Box $100 $100 $100
Louver Vents $100 $100 $100
Turbine Vents $150 $150 $150



Equipment Sales

Are you looking for a permanent on-site storage solution? Prime Warehouse also offers used storage container and trailers for sale. Please visit our "For Sale" page for descriptions, prices, and pictures.