Storage Container and Trailer Uses

Prime Warehouse your On-Site Storage Solution



Uses and Applications

Convenient Storage

  • Construction Companies: Perfect for the jobsite, lock up those tools and or expensive materials.
  • Electrician and Plumbers: Have you checked the price of copper lately? Lock it up.
  • Landscapers: Store your equipment and conditioners out of view, inside a clean container.
  • Manufacturing: Store raw materials, parts, or even finished goods .
  • Retail: Store seasonal merchandise, bulky items, excess inventory, and use your floor space for Sales.
  • Farmers: Keep the hay and feed dry with one of our trailers.
  • Administrative People: A storage container can hold a lot of bankers boxes, paperwork, and files.
  • Schools: Store sports and playground equipment, safely and securely in one of our containers.
  • Bookstore: Increase your inventory, and save by purchasing in bulk.
  • Homeowner: Everyone needs an extra storage spot that is weather tight.


Our storage trailers and containers provide you with a convenient, secure, weather tight place to store your equipment and or materials. Prime Warehouse offers a fast and reliable delivery and pickup, affordable leasing terms, and great customer service.



Container in field

    Storage Trailer at Dock